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Luthier Neil Smith

"This guitar easily outplays instruments twice the price. And it's made locally by one man under one roof. I'll be posting some demos soon with it. Thanks again Neil for your outstanding work!"
- Pablo Gadda
"Being a proud owner of a Neil Smith one-of-a-kind guitar that I use at Mystère every show, I can't tell you enough how lucky I am to play such an amazing, beautiful and easy playing instrument."
- Bruce Rickerd
"I'm so lucky to have three! Wish I had the budget to get a new one every year."
- Chris Kennison
"Neil, it sounds amazing and the neck is outstandingly easy to play, but I have to say the headstock shape we decided upon is a work of art. Love it."
- Mark Hall Speights
"My friend and fellow Las Vegas resident Neil Smith makes some of the world's best guitars. Not from parts. Not out of a catalog. He cuts lumber, winds pickups...he is the real deal, and his guitars prove it!"
- Jer Gervasi
"You are an artistic builder and a truly gifted repairman."
- Pat Egense
"Your Smith customs are wonderful works of art. I'm waiting for my ship to come in...maybe it will bring me a custom Smith someday!"
- Greg Hartline
Photo of Luthier Neil Smith at Work

For the last 20 years, Neil Smith has served musicians who live or work in the Las Vegas, Nevada metro area.

His custom-built guitars have been used by many pro players.

He has also set up and repaired guitars and basses for countless internationally known artists and professionals.

Neil is also an Authorized Fender Custom Shop repair technician and Level II Buzz Feiten Tuning System installer.

These days Neil devotes most of his time to the development of the new Starbird line of guitars.

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